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Bondage Massage

Bondage Massage: The Bondage Massage Table is a massage table with minimal bearing surface. In comparison to a normal massage table the bondage table accomplishes a feeling of being bedded loose and free. Arms, legs and other body parts are accessible from all sides, offering a totally new, holistic massage experience. Especially comfortable for men is the ergonomic cavity underneath the genital area. The constricting sentiment of lying on one's testis or penis or having to tuck them down between the thighs dissolves. Your sensible body parts have all the freedom they need on the Bondage Table to also fully relax or unfold.

Bondage: The cushioned support pads sure are inviting to wrap and bind up the body with cloth or foil around them, but this possibility isn't everybody's taste of course. To experience the comfort and unique coenesthesia of the Bondage Table, a binding isn't even neccessary. Bondage is only an option that some love to make use of, while others prefer to have complete freedom. Either way - the Bondage Table is an experience of a special kind.

SM & Pain: It's a rampant misunderstanding that bondage gets primarily used to conduct sadomasochistic, painful treatments. In reality for many people the restriction of mobility results in a much heightened intensity of one's experience and supports the ability to let yourself fall into your feelings. Sensations and stimuli get perceived with a much higher intensity irrespective of a rather tender or harder quality. I have absolutely no intent of inflicting any kind of unasked pain.


Full Body Massage
on the Bondage Table

60 min
75 min
90 min

     70,- €
     80,- €
     90,- €

Fixation optional
Venus      + 40,- €

Frank Hell
Free Massage Practitioner


1987 : Aurareading, Hands & Feet Massage education, T.Ernest Nichols, Universal Spiritualist Association, Institute for Holistic Studies at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA & Vinxel near Bonn

1990 : Polaritymassage education, Jaap Lensen & Trudy Kempers, Centrum voor geestelijke en lichamelijke Bewustwording, Dongen, Niederlande

2000 : Lingam, Rosebud & Tantric Touch Massage education accoring to Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. & Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D., Mai Pen Rai, Than Sadet, Suratthani, Ko Phangan, Thailand

2004 : Breuss Backbone Massage education, Bonn

2007 - 2009 : Development of Kithara- & Slingmassage, Hellsheaven, Cologne






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